Community voices (Cvs) are NewCENs volunteer and personal development and training project.

Cvs will not only be trained in specialist themed subjects, such as housing or education and policy, they will be supported by each other and we will develop new partnerships with existing NewCEN projects and other agencies and charities . Cvs will also become like ‘community champions’ trained in particular skills. These could range from law to media production and the performing arts.

 A Liaison Group will be established to work between Lifestile/ NewCEN and other groups and charities. Cvs will also help develop new ideas, such as enterprise and social businesses.

 We try and base our training and support on what members of the community want. As part of this, the Cvs will develop their own website and projects primarily using open source software, but we may use microsoft as well. To NewCEN is is about the cost ratio of the tools needed to do a particular job. However, we will have a bias towards the development of open source.

We will set up a number of interest based themes similar to the former Newcastle Community Empowerment Networks groups. These will be dependant on the volunteers, but proposed areas include health, education/ training, media development, enterprise development, environment, benefit support group.

We may help local people come up with new ideas, wether its in their own street or area. These ideas will be developed by them . We have had experience with organisations asking for help and volunteering, only to be refused due to odd justifications. Some organisations do not want change.

Workidz - for under 25s ( in four groups, under 12, 13 to 17, 18 to 21 and 22 to 25)

Our under 25 youth project is called Workidz. This project will be managed with the young people in mind. Any established committees will consist of the youth people. Anyone who turns 26 will go straight into Cvs.

If you would like to help people in the community as a volunteer,

or are interested in developing new projects and ideas then get in touch.