About lifestiles online projects

About NewCEN

NewCEN was first thought about when the Newcastle Community Empowerment Network was closed due the the project being ‘defunded’ several years ago. NCEN was not allowed to become independent after Newcastle healthy city refused to negotiate and closed it down to receive funding for a closed ‘citizens assembly’ project. All three projects do not exist.

 Early attempts to start NewCEN were hampered due to peoples belief that lifestile was trying to re create the attempt to work with the councils strategic partnership. This was never the case.

 We are not NCEN, and we are not with the Newcastle Council or the voluntary sector. We are independent of them. We want to help develop new ideas, projects, and support networks for activists and people on benefit. There is no support network for people on benefit. The only ‘support’ there is are a culture of job clubs, threats, and training that has no value. People are forced onto o these useless schemes. There is an old saying. People who expect doing the same thing, and expect a different outcome are mad. We agree.

A new way of education and training

We will use modern and new training methods to educate us. This will include Internet based learning, ted.com, PBL etc. More information will be made available soon.

 Lifestile believes the traditional way of management is outdated and counterproductive. We intend to use a different ‘leaderless’ approach based on ‘the spider and the starfish’ and the ‘anarchists in the boardroom’ approach.

In Memory of Bob Stewart

Bob Stewart was an  inspiration to us all. He led Newcastle Healthy City for over 20 years. He is missed.