NewCEN - project development

We want to help support and develop new online based community projects.

NewCEN - For community groups

We want to help and support community groups on the internet, rather than being linked to a specific area or place. We need your help for that.

NewCEN - for Activists

We want to help people in the community, from community activists, to people on benefit, we want you to help us. Together we stand.

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We aim to create a network between the traditional project that is based on local authority areas, and the internet. That means we will be working with other groups and networks online. If they are on the internet, then we can speak to them. That als also includes the old fashioned way of area based networks and forums as well.

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Do you think you can help people in the community, and get help yourself via NewCENs Community Voices??

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Charity 1100898

Lifestiles NewCEN is part of several online development projects. The original idea came from the various CENs linked to the strategic partnerships in the early 2000s.

   NewCEN will be developed as an online project, such as using websites, open source programs and social media and to support community activists and community groups. We will not only using modern Internet technology, but various informal and traditional methods as well. We call it community development. NewCEN is unique. We aim not only to help you, but ask you for help - and help you to help others. We call it community development. This site will develop over time. Please be patient.